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Customer Comments

"I paid another contractor to come to my home 3 times to fix my furnace.  It just kicked off after running for a  while.  Finally, on his 3rd visit he told me he didn't know what was wrong and showed me how to reset it myself.  The next time it went out, I called Automatic Comfort.  Matt did some research and found that a bad part was used inour furnace.  It was a little plastic "O" ring which had disinegrated and once it was replaced the furnace ran fine.  All that inconvenience for a $12.00 part!  Ken, Desoto

"I own several rental properties in Carbondale and have been working with John & Matt for over 10 years.  I can trust them to do the job right the first time, stand behind their equipment and labor warranties and never try to sell me something I don't need.  They get the job done quickly at a good price.  I highly recommend them."


"Awesome service."  Gave up on the guy who installed it and am sticking with Automatic Comfort.  Fast, thorough, knowledgeable and fair."  K. B., Desoto

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